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The decision to sell your business is of utmost importance to the owner of the business, regardless of the reason for this decision. Consulting a professional business broker presents a better opportunity. The sale of a company consists of a presentation, the search of the most suitable buyers and ensure that you receive payment of what the company actually is worth, instead of having the possibility of losing in the transaction.


A business broker is very helpful in these cases, because they have the knowledge and professionalism to ensure that the transaction is the most fruitful. I have seen that sometimes an owner hinders and even endangers the transaction for different reasons.


The sale of a business is one of the most difficult decisions for the owners. It is necessary to weigh this decision very well, to know if it is the right moment to do it. Contrary to what owners may think, this is the time not to neglect the presentation, the expectation of business growth, because potential buyers are interested in doing a business that lasts in the future, and guarantee the expected return . It is not time for the owner to neglect the business, and to give an appearance of abandonment, when in many cases, the owners have very particular reasons for wanting to sell the business, which are sometimes very different from the profitability aspects of the business. same.


It is time to maintain and continue to attract new customers, not to neglect the order of the premises, and so on.   It is important to have the financial information of the business at hand, in order to make an assessment of it, in terms of the cash inflows it generates versus the sale price. Ask yourself this question: would you buy your business? Would the price of the business allow you to obtain enough income to pay all expenses, including possible loans, rent, payroll, etc., and also generate an adequate benefit to the investment needed to buy it? If it's not good for you why it has to be good for someone else. What are the strengths of your business? What reasons would you have to buy it? It is important to know their strengths to take advantage of them, and try to limit or reduce their weaknesses as much as possible.


This process can be very traumatic for you, especially if you have not previously sold a business. Each type of Company (Limited Liability Company, Individual Limited Liability Company, Public Limited Company, etc.) requires different processes in the transfer of owners. Also the negotiation itself can have several aspects. It is not the same to sell shares, than social shares, as the assets of the business only. Each type of sale requires a different process. It is important to determine with certainty what is being sold, what will happen to the employees of the business, the sale includes the permits, softwars, licenses, commercial name ?. Obviously, selling an item in a store is not the same as selling a business. That is why many people hire an expert professional company to help them in the sale of their business. At Corredores del Caribe, SRL we are experts in this area of ​​commercial real estate and business negotiation. We offer extensive advice throughout the negotiation process. Our database of people interested in different types of businesses and our presence in the network ensure a high sales success rate.